How are points earned?
When a rider books a sportive, a minimum of one point per KM is earned.

How much are pedal points worth and how can they be exchanged?
Each point is worth one penny towards a sportive booking. When booking a sportive, the rider can enter the amount of points they wish to redeem in the pedal points box. The pedal points will be converted into pennies and deducted from the cost of the sportive.

Pedal points have no cash value and can not be refunded.

What can I spend my points on?
Pedal points can only be used towards the cost of a sportive entry.

What if I cancel my sportive booking?
The pedal points earned from the booking will be deducted from the pedal points balance.

What happens if I close my account?
If a rider closes their account, the pedal points will be terminated, and the value of the points considered zero.

Will my pedal points expire?
Pedal points expire on the 31st Dec.

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