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Hill Climb Champs

24 October 2021

HQ Harewood Hill Climb Course
LS17 9LA

New for 2021, The Sportive National Hill Climb Championships!

Another exciting innovation from Velo29!
Speed down the start ramp and sprint the 1.1km technical Harewood Hill Climb course.

Who is the fastest Sportive climber?
How do you compare against the rest?

In the week before the event from 10am Tuesday until 18:00 Thursday we need you to complete a Pre-Event Questionnaire and book a time slot. ESSENTIAL please.

Please collect rider packs from the HQ on your way to the start line.


No entries on the day.

Entries close on Sunday night 1 week before the event.

For any questions relating to Pre-Event Questionnaire or Time Slot Booking email depart@velo29.com

Ran with all the excitement you’d expect from Velo29! The event is televised so your friends and family can watch at home if they can’t attend to support. Just as in the TDF the fastest rider will sit in the hot seat until a faster rider displaces him/ her. The fastest 3 Females and fastest 3 Males will take to the podium at the end to be presented with trophies and champagne to be sprayed in the traditional fashion!

An awesome new event to bring some excitement to the end of the season. Not the steepest hill but a combination of climbing prowess and technical ability will be needed for success. It’s a closed road so this is a RACE! Plenty of you will just want to take part, compare yourself with the best and enjoy this unique day.

Whilst this is billed as the National Sportive Champs, Velo29 are not associating this with a governing body and in no way aim to conflict with the RTTC National Hill Climb Championships.

Watch the event preview video


Rider Manual


A Beginner’s Guide to Sportive Riding

What to Expect in a Velo29 Sportive


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