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The Ultimate Challenge!


All your 2024 challenges in one package!

Give yourself the ultimate goal in these 3 iconic events and get a discount!

3 of the biggest and most challenging events in any Sportive Calendar! Each represented with an awesome 3 part medal which clips together only when you cross the line in The Beast!

First up is The Tour of The Peak in May, one of the oldest and the toughest events there is. The combo of miles and vert makes The Peak an exceptional event. People are shocked at how hard it is!

Next up we have Lincoln 262, very different. Long, Flat, Fast. 262km from York to Lincoln and back. Flat rides are not easy, they represent a very different challenge. The wind is a huge factor at Lincoln 262.

3rd and finally we have The Beast! 204miles, 18,000ft of vert. THERE IS NO TOUGHER EVENT! The Beast chases you around Yorkshire at 12.5 mph. Doesn’t sound fast but believe us, it is! Do no under estimate The Beast, he’s coming to get you!

The 2024 Iconic Challenge will now give you 772.4km and 9,421m of vert across the 3 Sportives!

Many riders send us pics of their Iconic Medals clipped together, it’s a great looking memory of some serious riding!

We are offering a limited number of places in the iconic event series, this gets you guaranteed entry into all 3 sell-out events and an opportunity to complete this massive challenge. Only finishers of all 3 events will receive the medal!

Enter all 3 events for only £160, if entered before 12th May 2024.
(Standard price Peak Long = £37.50 Lincoln 262 = £55, Beast = £85 = £177.50)

If you have already entered 1 or 2 of the Iconic events and would like to upgrade to the series please email events@velo29.com and we’ll be delighted to help you switch

Tour of the Peak Sportive

Tour of the Peak

19th May 2024

Lincoln 262 Sportive

Lincoln 262

15th June 2024

The Yorkshire Beast Sportive

Yorkshire Beast

29th June 2024

In the week before the event from 10am Tuesday until 18:00 Thursday we need you to complete a Pre-Event Questionnaire and book a time slot. ESSENTIAL please.

Please collect rider packs from the HQ on your way to the start line.


No entries on the day.

Entries close on Sunday night 1 week before the event.

For any questions relating to Pre-Event Questionnaire or Time Slot Booking email depart@velo29.com

Three Part Medal


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