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Return to Life Sportive
Medium Route

No event in 2023, might be back in 2024.

HQ Queens Hall, Dunoon
PA23 7HH


Distance: 103.6km
Elevation: +1469m
Ride Time: 3 – 5hrs
Start: 09:00
Feeds: x2
Price: £35

In the week before the event from 10am Tuesday until 18:00 Thursday we need you to complete a Pre-Event Questionnaire and book a time slot. ESSENTIAL please.

Please collect rider packs from the HQ on your way to the start line.


No entries on the day.

Entries close on Sunday night 1 week before the event.

For any questions relating to Pre-Event Questionnaire or Time Slot Booking email

Setting off from the stunning town of Dunoon the long and medium routes stay together all the way to the first feed.

From the off, you are on the amazing coast road by the side of Holy Loch which takes you a flat 5 miles to Dalinlongart where the climbing begins.

Just a 1.4miles of ascent at 3.3% average (9.8%max) will ease you gently before dropping down to Loch Striven.

At 12miles in another cheeky climb which takes you almost 2miles up maxing out at 16% but again this is just a warm up before you reach Bealach Maim which is 2miles at 9% (18%max).

So that is your first 20miles out of the way we will give you some respite along the coast from Otters Ferry to all the way to the feed station at Strachur and it’s here the medium and long routes split. From here you will return to Dunoon taking in Lock Eck a little hop OVER to Loch Long and its coast all the way to the finish and well-deserved medals.


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