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Rider Manual

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Ride Statistics

Distance: 70.9km/ 44m

Climbing: 1,057m/ 3,468ft

Ride Time: 3 – 6 hours

Price: £22.50

Registration: 07:00 – 09:00

Ride Start Time: 08:00 – 09:00

Ride Statistics

Distance: 121.9km

Climbing: 1,859m

Ride Time: 5 – 8 hours

Price: £27.50

Registration: 07:00 – 09:00

Ride Start Time: 08:00 – 09:00

Ride Statistics

Distance: 168.2km

Climbing: 2,687m

Ride Time: 6 – 9 hours

Price: £30.00

Registration: 07:00 – 09:00

Ride Start Time: 08:00 – 09:00

We will never forget the 2014 Grand Depart on our roads in Yorkshire.

An event that caught the attention of the entire nation and really hammered home how big cycling in the UK is today.

From the immense build up of all the yellow bikes on our roads to the scenes on the day it’s an event that even the French were amazed to see!

As the millions joined at the road side we together created a day that will never be forgotten.

Again this year, the Ripon Tour Sportive will give you a unique opportunity to relive the memories with 1,000’s of cycling fans and ride on the now hallowed roads from stage 1 of the 2014 Tour de France. From the climbs, still covered in riders names, to the fast descents and beautiful villages, this Sportive brings you as close to the Tour route as you are going to get.

For riders of all abilities, with great support on well-signed routes so you can’t get lost, the Ripon Tour Sportive is a “must do” event for any serious cycling fan.

The Ripon Tour Sportive was a new event for 2014 to celebrate the Yorkshire Grand Depart of le Tour. Part of the existing NYP Tri Ripon Triathlon weekend, we plan to repeat the Sportive for many years as part of the Tour legacy. Sportive rides have existed across the world for many years, they are a great way to ride some fantastic new routes, make some new friends and in the case on The Ripon Tour Sportive, an amazing opportunity to ride the Tour de France roads, in Yorkshire! Most bikes are suitable but they must be in good working condition to complete the ride. There are fast descents so the brakes must work well and you MUST wear a helmet. HQ is Ripon Race Course, easily accessible from the A1 HG4 1UG (for SAT NAV). The parking has a £2 discretionary charge which goes to the Air Ambulance. Showers are available at the HQ.

Water is available before and after the ride to top up your bottles. There will water available at the finish and a choice of catering options to purchase. Riders must enter in advance before midnight on 28th June, you will all receive an the event manual via email on the 29th. On the day the Race Course will open at 07:00am, riders can register between 07:00 – 08:45. Riders will assemble in the start area from 07:50, first rider to depart will be at 08:00. We strongly suggest riders doing the 104 mile route to depart at as close to 08:00 as possible. All riders must have set off before 09:00 as the Broom Wagon will depart and start to take down the signs. Before departing you will all receive a short briefing with details about the day, any hazards on the course and the emergency contact details.

At registration there will be 3 queues split alphabetically. You will sign the start sheet to say you are present and have read the safety briefing in the event manual, are of suitable fitness for the distance selected and your bike is fit for purpose. All riders will receive an event number with zip-ties (to be positioned on the handle bars) and an electronic timing chip. We don’t need either of them back.

The start will be controlled with a max of 100 riders departing at any one time. We will leave a 3 minute gap between each depart. Please be patient and listen to the briefing. It will take us some time to get everyone away on their ride. You will all ride over the timing mat which will register your start time. Out on the course we will display a lot of route signs, the 104 mile route will be RED, on the 75 mile Blue and the 44 mile route will be GREEN. Follow the signs according to your route. We do not use any other signs so follow only these. We put out 100’s of signs, no one will get lost! When all the routes are together please follow the Yellow “All Routes” signs. All the routes are available to download as gpx and tcx files for your Navigation Systems. We also create Strava Segments for all of the ride and the KOM sections. The event is not a race, the times are for your own interest only. There will be 3 feed stations on the 104 mile ride 2 on the 75 mile and 1 on the 44 mile ride. At the feed there will be a selection of snacks and water. There will also be a member of the event team in case of emergency. 4 National Escort Motorbikes will be on the course to help you with any incidents, they also carry some inner tubes and a pump to help you out. There will be a service car to help with mechanical issues and also a broom wagon following the last rider.

**For any incident call the emergency contact number who will take note of your position and arrange for assistance. This is a long route and the remote sections will take time to reach. Please prepare well with food, water and spare tubes and a pump. Also the weather can change so minimally take a water proof jacket** **There is 1st aid at the HQ but outside of the immediate area, normal emergency services apply** At the finish you will pass over the timing mat and we will calculate your rider time. These will be sent out via email on the day of the event along with the Strava KOM times. You will receive a goody bag from Altura, Muc-Off and 9bar. Event photos will be posted shortly after the event. The Ripon Sportive will be a great event and one we can all enjoy for many years, remembering the riders of le Tour on our brilliant North Yorkshire Roads.

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