Velo29 Events – An Exciting Organisation Run by Cyclists

Established in 2011, Velo29 Events are a small dedicated team of life long cyclists from a variety of cycling backgrounds.

From Elite racers on the continent to the most serious of roadside fans, our unique blend of cycling passion is combined to bring you Velo29 Events.

We strive to be different whilst achieving the highest quality events available. Our expanding Portfolio aims to cater for everyone. It’s our dream a young rider who rides a Velo29 Sportive will one day win our Professional Stockton Grand Prix Race!

All our events have a safe friendly atmosphere, the Sportives are competitively priced whilst offering the best service you will find anywhere. From our well stocked feeds to the 1,000s of signs we place on each route, you all arrive back at the HQ, having had a great day out!

We are dedicated to growing our existing events and at the same time adding new Sportives or Races to our calendar. Velo29 is on a journey to be one of the biggest cycling event promoters in the UK, we want you to join this journey, whatever your ability and whatever you want from you’re cycling. As we grow and offer new events in new locations we open a door to our riders and the chance to venture further into events they know and trust.

Velo29 are here to help you get the best out of your cycling, join us on this journey today.

Richard Williamson – Event Director, Velo29 Events

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