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New for Velo29, The Guy on a Bike, our Director Richard Williamson chats to The Man on the Mic Joe Fisher about all that’s happening at Velo29 and beyond.

Each week the pair tackle a “Meaty Topic” as well as some light-hearted fun. An intriguing listen for those involved in Velo29 Events or for any sports fan wanting to brighten up their day!

Join Rich and Joe in this short weekly Pod, listen for free here on Buzzsprout.


Series 2

Rich and Joe tumble over the handle bars into series 2 of the popular Velo29 Pod! Continuing the theme of series 1 the lads chat about all the is happening at Velo29 in this most unusual year. An insightful, short and fun listen for anyone with an interest in cycling, not just the die-hard Sportive rider. New for series 2, the Cycle Cycle! A short feature on what’s happening in the World of Cycling and also Rich in Knowledge, what Richard knows about cycling.

Episode 3 – Climbing.

I can’t believe we’ve got to pod number 13 without talking about climbs! This week Rich and Joe chat about the relevance of climbs in Sportive riding, what makes a good climb and what do we think about when planning a Sportive and the climbs.
Some tips on climbing from Rich as always and his view on who the greatest climber of all time is!

Episode 2 – Racing.

Rich and Joe chat about all that’s happening in the World of Cycling this week, who’s the greatest rider to wear the Green Jersey in the TDF and news about the UAE Team pulling out of a stage race in Spain due to a COVID case in the camp.
This week’s Meaty Topic is Racing, a look back at the Velo29 Elite Team and then the races which Velo29 have brought us over the past decade, a huge part of what happens at Velo29.

Episode 1 – A New Hope.

Episode 1 of 10 in series 2 of the now established Velo29 Pod.
A New Hope! Rich and Joe have an interesting update about getting back to events, sadly not all good news.
The new “Rich in Knowledge” feature covers The Greatest Tour Champion in the modern era and in Cycle Cycle we chat about the impacts of missing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as looking back on the impact of the wonderful 2012 London event.
Short, fun and relevant as always.

Series 1

Episode 10 – The Beast!

The Yorkshire Beast is one of our most prolific events. A super endurance Sportive with a huge amount of theatre, making it an amazing day out!
As the World changes and events become a reality again many of you ask about the Beast in your thoughts for your ultimate 2021 goal!
Rich and Joe chat about the Beast and everything else that’s been happening at Velo29 in the past week.

Episode 9 – The Bikes are Back in Town.

As things happen at Velo29 to get back to Sportives we’ve got some tips and thoughts on what riders should be doing to prepare for the 2020 mini-season. Some practical advice based on 10 years of experience in hosting events and 30 years of riding.
Fun and fresh as always, a short listen to brighten your week.

Episode 8 – The Mini Season.

As lock down eases the future looks more clear for Sportives in the latter part of 2020. Rich and Joe chat about Velo29’s plans to put together a Mini Season kicking off in August with a new event, hosting the classics in September and then making October the new Spring Season!
A short listen to bring hope to all the Sportive riders itching to put the turbo trainer away!

Episode 7 – Drugs in Cycling Part 1.

The Meatiest of our Meaty topics to date! This week Rich and Joe chat about one of the darker but much-discussed topics of cycling, drugs and cheating.
Some insight and opinion from Richard about his own experiences racing against riders who doped in the lower ranks of elite racing.
The topic is so meaty that it will cover 2 pods, this being part 1!

Episode 6The Future of Sportives.

Rich and Joe take a look into the medium term future and what that might look like for organisers and riders of cycling events post Covid.
Some positivity as always in what could be a challenging time, also an offer of support to other events from Velo29.

Episode 5Back to Business.

In Episode 5 the man on the Mic and the Guy on the Bike inject some positivity into returning to action with the Velo29 Sportives!
Some insight from Richard about when the first event might be and what that would look like with distancing measures.
Fun and light-hearted as always, a great lockdown listen!

Episode 4Technology in Cycling.

In episode 4 we get Richard’s insight into technology in cycling. An interesting take on using tech to be efficient and fast without losing the emotive beauty of riding a bike. Marginal gains, power metres and bathroom scales!
Also some exciting news about future events! 
A good fun 25 minute cycling-related pod to brighten your lock-down.

Episode 3Life in Lock Down.

This week the Man on the Mic and the Guy on the Bike chat about life in lock down, the challenges of running a business during the virus and the good and bad we’ve learnt in that time. Another light-hearted short listen to brighten your lock down!

Episode 2Social Warriors.

The pair dip into the World of social media, the good and the bad! How Velo29 has leveraged social media to grow and an insight into life in the public eye.

Episode 1How it all began.

Rich and Joe take us back to the early days of Velo29, how and why it all began and the tipping points in making Velo29 Events what it is today.

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