Velo29 Sportives – What to Expect (updated October 2022)

A short introduction to Velo29 events for those who haven’t ridden with us before.

Enter online via this website – entries typically close on the Sunday night before a Sportive. Riders usually enter months in advance and this helps us plan but it is possible to enter until the Sunday night. If you’ve entered and your plans change we’ll do our best to accommodate you, however, after Sunday night it’s not possible to have a full refund or transfer.

You need to enter in advance, we do that because if not we get 25% of the entries on the day. We have to buy medals, food, arrange a suitable support team, have adequate parking, timing chips etc. With a variation of 25% on the day, it’s not possible to maintain good value and run a safe event. We will always do our best to accommodate riders whose plans change last minute.

GPS files are available on the sites as well as printable maps. Study the route in detail before the day so you know what to expect!

Parking is usually free but there is the odd exception like Selby Three Swans. Parking options will always be communicated with you via our emails etc. There are always toilets at the HQ. We have good stocks of High5 bars and gels but we don’t usually have water so fill your bottles at home!

On Tuesday morning at 10am you’ll get an email and text message from us telling you to book at start time. You’ll also need to complete a pre-event question form. These are essential and must be done before 18:00 Thursday.

Rider packs can now be collected from the HQ on your way to the start line. Rider number need to be attached to your bike using the ties provided and the timing chip stick to the outer surface of your helmet.

There is always a mechanic at the start for unforeseen emergencies, not for badly prepared bikes! We don’t have spare shoes, helmets, wheels etc. so make sure you check your kit bag!

There is generally 1 feed station for every 30 miles of riding. These are stocked with High5 gels, powders and bars and fresh bakery food which includes sandwiches, chocolate brownie, flapjack, pork pies and sausage rolls. You can always fill up your water at the feeds.

On the back of your rider number ,is an emergency contact and a QR code to download the HELP APP. The APP is the best way to get help, if you don’t have it then send us a text, as a last resort ring. Your contact comes to the event control team at HQ. We’ll send help and keep you updated. Please consider that we are supporting a lot of people and a puncture for someone who hasn’t brought a space inner tube is usually bottom of the list of priorities!

We place a HUGE amount of direction signs on the route. They are coloured according to your distance, details in the event manuals. We check them on the morning of the event. If a sign is missing it has been interfered with by the public. Please let us know ASAP so we can rectify this and also try to inform other riders. Such incidents are potentially dangerous and a pain for all of us. Sadly we get interference at some events.

At the finish, you’ll be welcomed back, congratulated and given your medal. We always have a hot snack and cold drink available which is free apart from the Cat and Beast but don’t worry you can purchase a Beast Burger – they are amazing! There is always Albert, our famous coffee van at the start and finish.

We encourage people to stay and chat with each other and us after the event. We always have chairs and our big screen to watch that day’s cycle racing or other Velo29 events.

There are usually cut off times on the Long routes so please be aware of them and work with us on that, sometimes we’ll need to ask people to drop to the medium route if they are later than the cut off.

After the ride, you’ll get an email and text from us pointing you to the rider times and your free PDF certificate. We’ll also tell you where to find the event photos which are usually available a few days after the event.

We are always on hand to help you before, during and after the event. Email is the best way to contact us as we are out on the road a lot so can’t always answer the phone, use

Enjoy your ride with us, Richard and the Event Team