Middlesborough Football Club Captin Cook Sportive

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Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation Captain Cook Sportive Riverside Ride

6 July 2024

HQ Riverside Stadium, Middlehaven Way, Middlesbrough

Ride Stats

Distance: 2km
Elevation: 0m
Price: FREE

MFC Foundation Captain Cook Riverside Ride Route

In the week before the event from 10am Tuesday until 18:00 Thursday we need you to complete a Pre-Event Questionnaire and book a time slot. ESSENTIAL please.

Please collect rider packs from the HQ on your way to the start line.


No entries on the day.

Entries close on Sunday night 1 week before the event.

For any questions relating to Pre-Event Questionnaire or Time Slot Booking email depart@velo29.com

Velo29 and The MFC Foundation are offering The Riverside Ride as part of this awesome new event! Open to anyone who has a bike and a helmet (both essential!) you can just turn up on the day from 11am onwards and ride!

The route is 2km long which you can ride around as many times as you want. You will arrive and ‘check in’ with MFC Foundation staff who will give you a very short briefing before setting you off on the ride.

We start from the Riverside Stadium car park and ride out to complete a loop of the dock, past the Town Clock with The Transporter Bridge insight and then back to The Stadium. You will ride into the Riverside in the North West corner, along the side of the pitch (astroturf), past the dug out and tunnel and then exit at the South West corner! You’ll be able to get pictures inside the stadium. Let’s face it, riding your bike in the Riverside is pretty special #UTB

Complete the loop as many times as you want, stop and have refreshments and then do a few more laps.

A great day out for anyone with a bike, especially if you’re a Boro fan like us!



No need to enter, just arrive on the day and ride!

Rider Manual


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