Along the Border Sportive

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Along the Border Sportive
Short Route

Date TBC


Distance: 56.3km
Elevation: 547m
Ride Time:
Start: 08:30 – 08:45
Price: £27.50

In the week before the event from 10am Tuesday until 18:00 Thursday we need you to complete a Pre-Event Questionnaire and book a time slot. ESSENTIAL please.

Please collect rider packs from the HQ on your way to the start line.


No entries on the day.

Entries close on Sunday night 1 week before the event.

For any questions relating to Pre-Event Questionnaire or Time Slot Booking email

The short route on this new sportive for 2020 will be a great way for less experienced riders to try out a sportive. Superb scenery like the picturesque bridge crossing at Farndon brings this route to life. Its a fantastically flat route but also has a little challenge to test those climbing legs before you are back on the flat for the run it to Chester.

Every Velo29 event comes with a super slick registration system where you will be able to pick up your rider pack within seconds. Over 10 years we have refined our feed stations to get them spot on and get only praise for these. Our technical signage crews work hard to make sure you won’t get lost.

We worked with a local contact on this to get the route just right so you can make the most of your day, ‘Along the Border’


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